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Here at Midwestern Mechanical, Inc., we know that your backflow prevention device is necessary for your property. A backflow prevention device is a plumbing safety net designed to protect our public water supply from accidental contamination due to water flowing backward through the water lines. 

When these devices sense a difference in pressure or a reversal in water flow, they quickly shut off your water supply, preventing a potentially serious disaster, including the possibility of a public health crisis. Let the Sioux Falls backflow prevention professionals at Midwestern Mechanical, Inc. help to alleviate the added stress of installing and maintaining your backflow preventer.

Types of Backflow Prevention Devices Explained

With many different types of backflow prevention options to choose from, it can be hard to know which to pick and what works best for your home. Below we have a few plumbing devices that helps prevent a backflow.

  • Air Gap -
    Air gap backflow prevention devices are very effective at preventing backflow issues. The air gap style helps create a physical break between the source of water the container that it is running to. Air gaps are typically for residential sinks, kitchen and bathrooms and help protect your water supply.
  • Pressure Vacuum Breakers -
    The newest backflow prevention device and are often used for underground sprinkler systems. A check valve inside of the assembly helps to protect against a possible drop in pressure.
  • Dual Check Valves -
    A dual check valve is used in residential home's to help prevent backflow from areas of unprotected cross connections in your plumbing. If your pipes are fitted with this particular device, contact your water supplier for the best advice on how to prevent damage from thermal expansion.

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Key Benefits of Installing a Backflow Preventer

Backflow prevention is a device that, in some places is legally mandated to be installed on homes and in commercial buildings. The device helps make sure your drinking water is clean as well as keeps other debris from entering your water system. 

In addition, it helps keep backflow of wastewater getting sucked into the wrong direction, which can be very unhealthy. But, what are some of the benefits of a backflow preventer? 

Below we have listed a couple of the major benefits of backflow prevention that you would receive:

  • Ensures Clean Drinking Water -
    A properly installed backflow preventer will make sure to keep out any pollutants or containments from your drinking water so that it tastes clean and fresh.
  • Protects Pipes From Damage -
    When you have a backflow preventer set up for your home, it not only makes sure that containments don't enter your drinking water, but other foreign matter that could damage your pipes and cause them to need costly repairs.
  • Prevents Health Issues -
    With cleaner water entering your home, you won't be as likely to get sick from consuming the water that has been potentially contaminated with bacteria and other pollution.

Annual Backflow Testing: Is It Time for Yours?

In addition to having one of these devices, you are also required to have it tested at least once a year by a certified and licensed professional. If you’re looking for a local pro who can offer you superior, reliable, and fast backflow testing, call the experts at Midwestern Mechanical, Inc.American Backflow Prevention Association & ASSE

Comprehensive Backflow Services We Provide

  • Professional Backflow Installations
  • Thorough Backflow Testing and Inspections
  • Expert Backflow Repairs

Choose Midwestern Mechanical for Trusted Backflow Solutions

Our Sioux Falls backflow prevention service technicians are ABPA and ASSE Certified and we are licensed for backflow testing, repairs and installations in:

  • South Dakota
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • And Nebraska

When performing a backflow test the water supply may be interrupted for a short amount of time to perform the test accurately, it’s important to make sure everyone present knows and is prepared for not having water available for 10 to 30 minutes. 

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